ARRA: Scientific Progress, Financial and Closeout Reporting for ARRA Supplements

Due to the unique reporting and tracking requirements required by ARRA, the reporting NIH requires for each administrative supplement (including the ARRA summer research experiences) and competitive revision are different than that required for non-ARRA awards. Since these ARRA awards are issued separate from the parent grant, they require their own separate financial and closeout reports to NIH. These reports are different from the federally mandated ARRA quarterly reports described in Ready, Set… ARRA Report! in this issue.

Progress Reporting

NIH policy has always required that administrative supplements, and even competitive revisions as applicable, be separately addressed as part of the annual progress report of the parent grant (PHS2590/eSNAP). This requirement is particularly important for ARRA administrative supplements even though these are issued as separate awards of up to 24 months. A distinct progress report for the ARRA awards is not submitted. Instead, a section in the parent grant’s scientific progress report is required that separately describes the scientific progress resulting from any related ARRA supplement or revision. For those ARRA supplements and revisions that span more than one budget period of the parent grant, grantees should address progress in each corresponding progress report of the parent grant.

In August, students and educators supported by summer research experience supplements received a template that directed them to provide a statement on how the knowledge and skills obtained help them meet their short- and long-term employment goals. This statement should also be included in the PHS2590/eSNAP of the parent grant. For more information and to download the student/educator templates, visit the summer research experience Web page.

Financial Reporting

For each ARRA supplement and competitive revision, separate SF272 and SF269 final financial status reports are always required.

Closeout Reporting

For each ARRA supplement and competitive revision, separate closeout documents (Final Progress Report, Final Financial Status Report, and Final Invention Statement) will be required to closeout the Recovery Act funding at the time the ARRA funding ends. These closeout reports for the ARRA funding are required even when the parent grant continues.

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