How Can I Tell If I Have the Right Application Form Version?

NIH gives each set of updated forms a version name for quick identification and easier communications (in the case of the upcoming transition, the version name is “FORMS-C”).

When we post a funding opportunity and its application package on there is a “Competition ID” field that Federal agencies can use to provide further details about the funding opportunity. NIH uses the Competition ID to convey the form version name. The version name displays in the Competition ID field when you are downloading the application from as well as in the header of the downloaded application. (See screen shots and more details in Do I have the Right Electronic Forms for My Application?).

If the Competition ID is ADOBE-FORMS-B1 or B2, you have the older form set. If it is FORMS-C, you are using the newest forms. NIH is posting the new forms to funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) in July/August. So if you don’t see the form version you need, check the FOA again in a few weeks.

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