What Should I Include in the Project Summary/Abstract?

When writing an NIH grant application, remember that the Project Summary/Abstract will be viewable to the public on RePORTER if the application is funded.  Keep in mind the following guidance:

    • Limit length to 30 lines or less of text
    • Include the project’s broad, long-term objectives and specific aims
    • Include a description of the research design and methods for achieving the stated goals
    • Do NOT include proprietary or confidential information, or trade secrets
    • Write in plain language, so even a non-scientist can understand the importance of the project
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2 thoughts on “What Should I Include in the Project Summary/Abstract?

  1. Hi,
    Does the 30 lines of text include the first line which states “Project Summary”? Or are the 30 lines exclusively for the description of the summary? Thank you!

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