What Should I Include in the Project Summary/Abstract?

When writing an NIH grant application, remember that the Project Summary/Abstract will be viewable to the public on RePORTER if the application is funded.  Keep in mind the following guidance:

    • Limit length to 30 lines or less of text
    • Include the project’s broad, long-term objectives and specific aims
    • Include a description of the research design and methods for achieving the stated goals
    • Do NOT include proprietary or confidential information, or trade secrets
    • Write in plain language, so even a non-scientist can understand the importance of the project
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3 thoughts on “What Should I Include in the Project Summary/Abstract?

  1. Hi,
    Does the 30 lines of text include the first line which states “Project Summary”? Or are the 30 lines exclusively for the description of the summary? Thank you!

  2. In applying for grants I have found that most initial applications limit you to 500 words total. This means the Project Summary, Target Population, Goals, Outcomes, and Timeline have to be concise and interesting enough to get your reader to turn the page.

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