Introducing RePORTER's “Links" Tab

After selecting a project from the RePORTER search results page, users will now see a “Links” tab on the project information page. 

screenshot of links tab in reporter

The tab provides links to non-NIH websites that provide additional information about NIH-funded research and the investigators we support. Currently, users can link to project information on External Web Site Policy and any profile pages the PI has entered using the RePORTER PI profile link feature.

logo for provides a database and Web-based interface for searching and discovering the types of research awarded by the NIH and the relationships among NIH grants awarded in fiscal years 2007-2010. You can use the site to view a list of grants similar to the one selected from the RePORTER hit list or view the location of the selected grant in a “topic map” of all NIH grants funded in the same fiscal year. The topic map displays thematically related grants in clusters based on words contained in the title and abstract of each grant.

Learn more about the RePORT website in the latest edition of The ReSource.

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